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Company Profile

Landtraders World Properties Corp is an emerging company developing a range of projects from economic to upscale vertical residences as well as communities on Cebu’s best locations. As an investor in local communities and a driver of marketplace innovation, we endeavor to develop the most pleasant experiences to home ownership for individuals and families who consider quality of life a priority, and a solid investment that provide optimum returns.

We welcome cutting edge technologies in both construction and implementation adopting best practices and modern management ethics in real estate development for the greater welfare of the property investing community. We promote corporate social responsibility actions and construction of ecologically sustainable homes. We are committed to ensure customer satisfaction after every purchase.

Affiliated Companies The other affiliated companies of Landtraders World Properties Corporation are New Partraders Inc., Jaski Auto Sales, Angelicum Memorial Gardens, Skygo Motorcycle, King’s Quality Foods, Nito Auto Supply, Juanito King & Sons, Inc. and RDAK Transport.