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The families of Mr. Ricarido King and Mr. James Yu are the ones behind Landtraders World Properties Corporation. It exists not only as an addition to the growing real estate businesses in the city, it does exist to commit in listening to what providing home is all about. It gives people the bird’s eye view of living, the hands to choose and the availability of comfort and convenience at a reasonable cost of investment.

You can always put your trust on us but that won’t be enough, we need to hear your side. Don’t take our word for that, talk to the people we’ve worked with and be amazed of its possibility, because it is. We’re here for business but above all, we’re here for you. Founded by great minds and headed by the finest team, entrusting more than half of your lifetime to us is an honor.

Landtraders World Properties Corporation is affiliated to New Partraders Inc., Jaski Auto Sales, Angelicum Memorial Gardens, Skygo Motorcycle, King’s Quality Foods, Nito’s Auto Supply, Juanito King & Sons, Inc. and RDAK Transport.